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All Things Inky and original

Each piece shown here was commissioned by someone whose life is better because an animal was a part of it.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France.

black lab drawing
black and white drawing of pit bull wearing a cupcake
yellow labrador painting with crown
black and white drawing of pit bull dog
painting of husky labrador mix dog
black and white drawing of boston terrier dog
colorful blue and yellow painting of chihuahua dog
black and white drawing of boston terrier
colorful painting of chocolate labrador dog with american flag bandana
black and white drawing of pug dog
yellow labrador dog with orange background
black and white drawing of weimaraner dog
painting of brown shaggy dog
painting of white american eskimo dog
black and white drawing of tabby cat
black and white pronghorn drawing with wheat
black and white pit bull drawing with bird on head
black and white goat drawing
black and white collie drawing
black and white french bulldog cartoon bonjour
colorful black cat with green eyes painting
black and white conure bird drawing
colorful dog painting with plaid sweater and fall leaves
black and white whippet cartoon
black and white labrador drawing
colorful pyrenees drawing
black and white coyote drawing
watercolor great dane art
black and white chihuahua drawing
fat bacon labrador cartoon
Rabbit drawing with cactus

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images of pet portraits in black and white and colored paint