Oh Hi There!

meet the artist

Oh Hi There!

meet the artist

(Never have I seen a treat as pure as capybara feet)

Hi, I'm Haley and I'm enthralled and humbled to be your chosen artist. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I've spent a solid portion of my adulthood living the gypsy life state to state with my husband and hounds, spreading dad jokes along the way. My enthusiasm for animals and art stemmed from a childhood spent periodically on a ranch (unsupervised, but it was the 80's), and from absconding my parents at the Woodland Park Zoo (the nocturnal house waits for nobody). I started my artistic journey as soon as I could hold a pencil, yet pursued it solely as a hobby with no real intention of sharing it with others, let alone take on the reverence of helping strangers celebrate or memorialize a family member (no pressure).

After the first few commissioned portraits, I came to the realization that "this is awesome." Micron pens became my favorite go-to medium since they satiated my penchant for fine, tiny details, and frankly paint and other colored mediums intimidated the **** out of me. Thankfully, a persistent client nudged me into the world of mixed media and after a bit of experimenting, I'm grateful to be able to offer clients a variety of portrait options.

I consider both my black and white and colorful pieces a blend of detailed vintage style realism with a familiar informal charm, each capturing my subject's unique and individual personalities in their own way. My style continues to grow and evolve, and I thank you for joining me on this journey.

Fun and useless facts: Along with being a professional artist, I also have a certification in veterinary assisting, owned the largest petcare business in Bellingham Washington, worked as a wildlife rehabilitator, and have smuggled street dogs into every international hostel I've stayed in. I love brass things, I love tattoos, I love free food, and I love you for being here.

Haley Apollo


colored pencil drawing of dachshund
kid holding stuffed animal rabbit

On your left, a dachshund I drew around the age of 11 (when I wasn't slamming Capri Sun in my moon-shoes).

On the right, the spoils of war.

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